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Rourkela airport gears up for international flight services under special VFR

by Nita Mishra

The people of Odisha are in for a treat as Rourkela airport gears up to facilitate international flight services. Thanks to the proactive initiative of the Airports Authority of India (AAI), flight operations under special Visual Flight Rules (VFR) are set to commence. This cost-effective and efficient solution addresses the challenges of flight cancellations, delays, or diversions due to low visibility at Rourkela airport, with a visibility requirement of just over 1500 meters.

Smooth Sailing Ahead

To ensure seamless flight services, the groundwork for establishing an approach control unit at Rourkela airport was successfully completed on Monday. This milestone guarantees that from January 24 onwards, there will be no disruptions in flight services, paving the way for international flights.

MP Jual Oram’s Visionary Move

This achievement is credited to the efforts of MP Jual Oram, who highlighted the airport’s mismanagement in Parliament. Vimal Bisi, President of Conscious Citizens Forum and a dedicated social worker, expressed gratitude for his role in making this development possible.

Navigating the Skies

The first step in implementing flight operations under special VFR, as per the request of the Chief Secretary of Odisha’s Commerce and Transport department, was establishing the approach control unit at Rourkela airport.

ATC Officers Ready for Action

Following this, the training of Air Traffic Control (ATC) officers for the newly established unit took place. Saroj Kumar Sahu, Assistant General Manager ATC and Senior Radar Controller, played a key role in this process. Two ATC officers from Kolkata and Patna underwent training and are set to report for duty at Rourkela by January 21, 2024, familiarizing themselves with the airport and awaiting the crucial authorization letter from AAI CHQ to commence operations.

Taking Flight

The wait is now over with the reception of the authorization letter from AAI CHQ. Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) action has been initiated by the Air Traffic Services (ATS) in-charge of Rourkela airport, broadcasting this exciting development to the entire aviation community. Airlines can now submit requests for flight operations under special VFR, with visibility ranging from just above 1500 meters to less than 5000 meters, starting January 24, 2024. The skies are set to open up for global travel enthusiasts in Odisha!

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