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Odisha Introduces Inclusive Urban Sanitation Policy 2024

by Nita Mishra

The Odisha government has introduced the “Odisha Inclusive Urban Sanitation Policy 2024” to ensure everyone in the state has access to clean and safe sanitation services.


  • The policy integrates modern concepts like circular economy and community partnership.
  • It becomes effective upon its publication in the official Gazette.
  • The government has worked hard to improve sanitation infrastructure and services under the ‘Swachh Odisha, Sustha Odisha’ movement.
  • Marginalized communities are a focus of these initiatives.
  • Odisha’s urban sanitation has notably improved with increased coverage and innovative practices.
  • The previous Odisha Urban Sanitation Policy aimed at achieving safe sanitation in all cities.
  • Recent efforts focus on inclusive sanitation and gender transformative outcomes.
  • The new policy aims to expand and sustain sanitation efforts to meet the state’s growing urban population.
  • It aligns with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6.2 and the UN Human Right to Sanitation.
  • The policy emphasizes climate-resilient infrastructure and communities, especially for economically weaker and marginalized sections.
  • The government commits to inclusive, participatory, sustainable, and accountable sanitation processes.

Conclusion The Odisha government’s new policy prioritizes inclusive and sustainable sanitation for all urban residents, ensuring no one is left behind in accessing clean and safe sanitation services.

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