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Odisha Government Increases ASHA Workers Pay

by Nita Mishra

CM Naveen Patnaik made an announcement on Thursday about increasing the monthly pay of ASHA workers in the state. This decision also includes raising the termination incentive for these employees. The move is set to benefit 49,522 ASHA workers across Odisha, with the government allocating an additional Rs 148.57 crore annually for this purpose.

ASHA Workers’ Pleas During 5T District Visits

During the district visits of 5T and Naveen Odisha Chairman VK Pandian, ASHA workers and their associations met and presented their requests and proposals for a pay raise. This led to the government’s decision to raise their remuneration.

Enhanced Benefits for ASHA Workers

The monthly pay for ASHA workers has been increased from Rs 4,500 to Rs 7,000. Additionally, the termination incentive has been raised from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh. Previously, the state government spent Rs 59.43 crore annually on their salaries, but with the raise, this figure will now be Rs 208 crore per year. The government will also provide service interruption assistance of Rs 55 lakh.

ASHA Workers’ Vital Role

ASHA workers play a crucial role in supporting pregnant women and facilitating deliveries in the state. They have been instrumental in spreading awareness about various government schemes for pregnant and postpartum women. Furthermore, ASHA workers have taken on responsibilities related to vaccination and institutional deliveries, contributing significantly to public health efforts.

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