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JSW Foundation Inaugurates First Trauma Care Center in Jharsuguda

by Nita Mishra

In a major step towards improving healthcare services in Jharsuguda, JSW Foundation, as part of its CSR initiative with JSW BPSL Sambalpur Works, unveiled a new Trauma Care Center at the District Headquarter Hospital (DHH) on Sunday.

First of Its Kind in Western Odisha

This Trauma Care Center, as stated in an official press release, is the first of its kind in the District Headquarters Hospitals of Western Odisha. The initiative is a collaboration between JSW Foundation and the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Odisha.

Inauguration Ceremony Highlights

The inauguration ceremony saw the esteemed presence of notable figures such as Anil Kumar Singh, President & Whole Time Director of JSW BPSL, Aboli Sunil Naravane, Collector & District Magistrate of Jharsuguda, Deepali Das, MLA of Jharsuguda, Parmar Smit Parshottam Das, Superintendent of Police in Jharsuguda, and Dr. Mahesh Mohan Panda, CDM & PHO in Jharsuguda.

Saving Lives, Reducing Injuries

The establishment of this 10-bed Trauma Care Facility at DHH, Jharsuguda, aims to significantly reduce the impact of road accidents in the region. By providing prompt and expert care to accident victims, the center aims to save lives and minimize the severity of injuries sustained during such incidents.

Advanced Facilities

Equipped with an advanced Modular Operation Theatre, along with ultrasound, CR system, Anesthesia machine, and Digital X-ray equipment, the Trauma Care Center ensures immediate and efficient care to trauma patients.

Words of Hope and Gratitude

Speaking at the event, Anil Kumar Singh emphasized the importance of healthcare services and expressed hope that the new center would serve as a beacon of hope for the people of Jharsuguda and neighboring areas.

Commendations and Appreciation

Aboli Sunil Naravane thanked JSW Foundation for their generous contribution, highlighting the potential impact of such CSR initiatives in strengthening public healthcare infrastructure. Deepali Das commended JSW Foundation and JSW BPSL Sambalpur Works for their continuous support towards societal betterment.

Collaboration and Vision

Dr. Mahesh Mohan Panda highlighted the collaborative efforts between JSW BPSL’s CSR Team and the District Administration, resulting in the development of the first Trauma Care Center in any District Hospital of Western Odisha.

Commitment to Community Welfare

Vishal Raj, Head of CSR at JSW BPSL, along with other CSR officials and healthcare professionals, played pivotal roles in bringing this project to fruition. This initiative underscores JSW Foundation’s commitment to contributing to the welfare of local communities.

Promising Future

The inauguration ceremony included a tour of the facility, showcasing the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. The establishment of this Trauma Care Center marks a significant milestone in the healthcare landscape of Jharsuguda, promising a safer and healthier future for its residents.

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