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Chief Minister Navin Patnaik, The Top 10 Richest legislators

by Nita Mishra

state assembly, there are 18 female legislators and 128 male legislators. However, only 12% of the legislators are women.

Low Female Representation

  • Out of the total legislators, 18 are women and 128 are men.
  • Women make up only 12% of the assembly.
  • Among the dominant parties, 15% of BJP and 5% of Congress lawmakers are women.
  • There is no representation of women from any other party.

Wealthiest Legislators

  • Navin Patnaik is the wealthiest lawmaker, with a wealth of 63.87 crore rupees.
  • In the top 10 list of richest lawmakers, 7 are from BJP, 1 from Congress, and 2 independents.
  • Following Navin, the second wealthiest lawmaker is Deepali Das, with a total wealth of 40.17 crore rupees.

Insights on Lawmakers’ Wealth

Average Wealth

  • The average wealth per person for BJP lawmakers is 1.05 crore rupees.
  • For Congress, it’s 4.13 crore rupees.
  • And for BJP, it’s 4.31 crore rupees.

Crorepati Legislators

  • There are 6 crorepati lawmakers from Congress, 9 from BJP, and 77 from BJP.
  • Proportionally, Congress has the highest number of crorepati lawmakers.

Education and Age

  • In the current assembly, there are 8 lawmakers who are 71 years old.
  • The age distribution is as follows: 6 lawmakers are between 25 and 30, 14 are between 31 and 40, 56 are between 41 and 50, 41 are between 51 and 60, and 21 are between 61 and 70.
  • Among the 22 lawmakers who studied up to the 10th grade, 16 are from BJP, and 3 each from Congress and BJP.
  • 2 BJP lawmakers have a 5th-grade education, and 6 have an 8th-grade education.
  • Similarly, 22 lawmakers have a 12th-grade education, 32 have a bachelor’s degree, 35 have a postgraduate degree, and 4 lawmakers have obtained a doctorate.

Varied Wealth and Debt

  • Saroj Meher has 31.43 crore rupees.
  • Independent lawmaker Soumya Ranjan Patnaik has 30.29 crore rupees.
  • BJP lawmaker Sanjeev Malik has 19.15 crore rupees.
  • Congress lawmaker Mohammad Moqim has 17.97 crore rupees.
  • Suresh Routray has 17.43 crore rupees.
  • BJP lawmaker Pranav Balvantaray has 17.24 crore rupees.
  • Sudhir Samal has 14.03 crore rupees.
  • Sushant Kumar Rout has 13.76 crore rupees.

Lowest Wealth and Highest Debts

  • Independent lawmaker Makarand Muduli has the least wealth, with only 15,000 rupees.
  • Followed by Sunanda Das (8.53 lakhs), Prakash Soren (9.22 lakhs), Suryamani Vaidya (11.16 lakhs), and Aditya Madhi (12.41 lakhs).
  • Those with significant debts include Deepali Das (19.89 crore rupees), Sanjeev Malik (7.74 crore rupees), Bikram Kumar Panda (4.65 crore rupees), Sushant Kumar Rout (4.24 crore rupees), Soumya Ranjan Patnaik (3.48 crore rupees), Bishnu Brata Routray (2.29 crore rupees), Sudhir Kumar Samal (2.21 crore rupees), Rohit Pujari (2.17 crore rupees), Pranav Balvantaray (1.67 crore rupees), and BJP lawmaker Mohan Majhi (1.03 crore rupees, with debts of 1.41 crore rupees above that).

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