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Adhiraj Panigrahi Resigns from Congress

by Nita Mishra

Adhiraj Panigrahi, the MLA of Khariar, has resigned from the primary membership of the Congress party. The resignation is expected to take effect from Wednesday, and it is widely speculated that Panigrahi will be joining the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD).

This move comes after the former Rajnagar MLA, Ansuman Mohanty, left the Congress and joined the BJD in February, making it the second high-profile departure from the Congress in recent times.

Panigrahi sent his resignation letter to Sarat Pattanayak, the Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee President, along with his other party posts. When questioned about his next steps, Panigrahi stated that he would consult with his supporters before making a final decision. However, he did confirm that he would be contesting for the Khariar Assembly seat in the 2024 elections.

In 2019, Panigrahi won the Khariar Legislative Assembly seat on a Congress ticket, defeating BJD’s Lambodar Nial by a margin of 2,857 votes.

Reacting to Panigrahi’s resignation, Sarat Pattanayak stated that there are several suitable candidates within the Congress party who can contest for the Khariar seat. He further added that while changing parties for personal gain is a common occurrence in politics, it is not a positive development.

Panigrahi’s resignation from the Congress and his impending move to the BJD is a significant blow to the Congress party in Odisha. It remains to be seen how this move will impact the political landscape of the state in the lead-up to the 2024 elections.

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