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Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to visit Odisha on April 28

by Nita Mishra

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is scheduled to visit Odisha on April 28. He will address a proposed public meeting at the birthplace of Madhubabu in Cuttack Salepur. The state Congress has begun preparations for this event. After Rahul Gandhi’s visit, other central leaders of the Congress will also come to Odisha for campaigning. This information was shared after a meeting of the Pradesh Congress’s publicity committee.

After Bhakt Charan Das assumed the responsibility of chairman of the state campaign committee, the committee held its first meeting. The meeting discussed strategies for effective campaigning in all assembly and Lok Sabha constituencies of the state.

With the presence of senior leaders of the state, the party has decided to start election campaigning from Puri. Detailed discussions were held on how the assurances of the National Congress, including the five guarantees of the National Congress and the nine guarantees of the State Congress, will reach the common voters.

The meeting decided that priority will be given to those election areas where the Congress is strong, so that the impact can be seen on the surrounding election areas.

Efforts will be made to reach the nine guarantees of the Odisha Congress to every door at the booth level. Das, the chairman of the election campaign committee, emphasized that if the assurance of the state Congress reaches the people correctly, the people will definitely bless the Congress.

In the meeting, Deputy Chairman Navjyoti Patnaik, Sudhanshu Sekhar Dev, Amiya Pandav, Jiya-ul Haq, senior leaders Panchanan Kanungo, Bankanidhi Behera, Arya Kumar Gyanendra, Bijaylakshmi Sahu, Nakul Nayak, Manas Chaudhary, Vishwajeet Das, Rasik Patnaik, Dashrathi Gamango, Abdul Kalam, Harshvardhan, Hamid Hussain, Jakob Pradhan, Sushmita Behera, Prithvi Ballabh Patnaik, Padmakar Guru, Ranjita Raut, Vandita Parida, Vishwa Charan Barik and Jitendra Vishwakarma were present.

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