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Orissa High Court Orders Rs 5 Lakh Compensation for Withheld Exam Results at Sambalpur University

by Nita Mishra

Orissa High Court has decided to award Rs 5 lakh as compensation to a student of Sambalpur University. This student’s final examination results were held back, causing a significant delay in his academic journey.

The High Court emphasized the vital role universities play in the lives of their students. They stressed the importance of efficiently managing exams and releasing results on time. These processes, according to the court, are crucial for students’ academic progress, career opportunities, and overall well-being.

Justice SK Panigrahi, sitting as a single judge, highlighted the accountability universities bear towards their students. He mentioned that if universities fail in these responsibilities, they should compensate affected students. This compensation could come in various forms, such as financial aid, course credits, or other means to acknowledge and rectify the inconvenience caused.

The court’s directive for compensation came on March 28, when Sambalpur University was ordered to pay Rs 5 lakh to Bibhuti Bhusan Barik. This decision came 12 years after the university wrongly declared him as failed in his Bachelor in Commerce (BCom) course.

Barik had taken the +3 Commerce course as a private candidate through Panchayat College, Bargarh examination center in 1999. Despite diligently appearing for exams, his final results were withheld due to an issue with the first examination.

After being declared successful in 2012, Barik pursued compensation from the university, citing the valuable time lost in his life. Justice Panigrahi, in his ruling, criticized the university’s negligence. He stated that incorrectly marking Barik as ‘Fail’ and absent in exams he attended was irresponsible.

Consequently, Justice Panigrahi ordered Sambalpur University to pay Barik Rs 5 lakh in compensation. He acknowledged the significant hardship Barik endured, losing ten years of his professional life due to the university’s errors.

In conclusion, this ruling highlights the importance of universities maintaining robust systems to prevent such errors. It also emphasizes their duty to prioritize student welfare and ensure accountability for their actions.

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