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Odisha Elections 2024: Special Leave for Government Workers

by Nita Mishra

Odisha Elections 2024

Government workers will receive a special one-day temporary vacation in connection with the state’s impending Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. Additionally, government workers who vote in places far from their headquarters will be granted an extra two days of temporary vacation. Regarding this matter, Pradeep Kumar Jena, the chief secretary of the state, has written a letter to all secretaries and heads of departments.

Following their tasks, government employees participating in the general election will receive a special one-day temporary leave. They will be eligible to regular annual casual leave as well as special casual leave each calendar year in addition to this temporary leave. There will be four voting phases in Odisha. Likewise, government workers entitled to vote in rural areas will only be granted a maximum of two days of exceptional temporary leave. The state will hold voting on May 13, May 20, May 25, and June 1. On the day of the election, a government holiday has been announced in the area.

But, if necessary, government workers who must travel a considerable distance from their places of employment in order to cast their ballots will be granted a special temporary leave for two days, one day prior to and one day following the voting day. Their entitlement to annual and special casual leave, which they receive each calendar year, will remain unaffected by the two days of leave.

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