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Odisha’s Top 5 News : 9th April

by Nita Mishra

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1.Forest Fires in Odisha: 8,000 Detected, 99% Extinguished

Odisha has seen around 8,000 forest fire points this summer until April 7. The Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Debadutta Biswal, shared that nearly 99.5% of these fires have been put out successfully. In 2023, there were 27,000 forest fire cases during the same period. According to the PCCF, the number of forest fires has reduced significantly due to people being more aware and recent rainfall.Biswal reported about 200 forest fire points on Monday. Most incidents were in Malkangiri district due to agriculture, collecting Mahula flowers, and poaching. Some are setting fires for mischief; strict action is being taken.

2.Free Transport to Polling Booths for Disabled and Elderly Voters in Odisha

People with visual and locomotive disabilities, impaired movement, and senior citizens will receive free transport from their homes to polling booths statewide.
Regular vehicles are often inaccessible for disabled voters. District social security officers will request specially designed vehicles for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) from special schools and organizations. This decision was made by the state-level steering committee on accessible elections.
The Department of Social Security for Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (SSEPD) is working with Swabhiman, a disability rights organization, to ensure accessible voting. With around 5.16 lakh specially-abled voters in the state, ramps with proper gradient, wheelchair assistance, and volunteers will be provided at polling booths for a smooth voting process. PwDs and seniors above 85 years old will have priority at polling booths, accompanied by accessibility supervisors and volunteers to assist their participation in the election.

3.Big Blow to Biju Janata Dal in Nuapada District

Harischandra Panda, the district president of Biju Yuva Janata Dal, has resigned from his position and primary membership of the party. He sent his resignation to the party’s supreme and chief minister through internet media. Harischandra also released a video message regarding this matter.
He was opposing Rajendra Dholakia’s candidature from Nuapada constituency. However, despite his opposition, the party gave the ticket to Dholakia again, leading him to resign from the party.
Angry Departure from the Party
In this context, he expressed his displeasure, stating that despite opposing Rajendra Dholakia’s candidacy, the party has always ignored us. Despite repeated objections, the party has given a ticket to a corrupt leader. Therefore, I have resigned from all responsibilities of BJD and my primary membership of the party.

4.Wildlife Smuggling Racket Busted in Odisha, 7 Arrested

Officials from the forest department in Odisha have dismantled an inter-state wildlife smuggling ring in Gajapati district. Seven people from the gang have been arrested. The forest officials are working to apprehend other members of the gang, including the main leader. The accused have been taken to court in Gajapati district for further legal proceedings.

5.Help Funds for Ration Card Holders in Odisha

state government has provided a one-time assistance of Rs. 1,000 to all ration card holders. In the Rajgangpur block, 23,889 families were included in this scheme. However, 346 cardholders did not collect their assistance, resulting in Rs. 3.46 lakh being returned to the government fund. These cardholders are supposed to receive rice and other ration supplies each month, but despite ample opportunities to collect cash, they did not visit the ration shop or supply department offices. This has raised concerns about possible fraud.
Supply Inspector Susmita Kumari mentioned that all work is being done online, so the department is not involved in this matter.
Allocated Funds for March
In March, the state government allocated Rs. 1,000 per family. As per this, assistance was supposed to reach 1578 families in Alanda Panchayat, 1304 in Buchukupada, 949 in Budam, 486 in Chatam, 1720 in Chugimati, 1606 in Dhelua, 946 in Garbhana, 823 in Jaraikela, 715 in Jhagadpur, 761 in Kesarimal, 1173 in Kukda, 1906 in Kukdamunda, 645 in Kunamuru, 1669 in Kutniya, 1922 in Laying, 1418 in Malidih, 1565 in Panposh, 1386 in Panposh, 1286 in Raika Kachhar, 719 in Sagajor, and 696 in Sajapali.

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