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Fluoride in Water Leads to Kidney Disease and Deaths in Odisha Village

by Nita Mishra

In a village in Odisha nearly 50 people have died in the past year due to drinking water contaminated with fluoride. More than a dozen others are still struggling with kidney disease, forcing many families to leave their homes. The villagers believe that the water from their tube wells contains fluoride, causing kidney disease and premature aging.

Fluoride Contamination:

The Siddhamula Panchayat, located in the Ghodamari village under the Khandapada Legislative Assembly area of Nayagarh district, is home to over 75 families. Most of these families are grappling with kidney disease, with tragic outcomes for some. Individuals like Basant Kumar Das, Vidhyadhar Das, Govind Chandra Das, Pramod Das, Bishika Nayak, Satyanand Nayak, and others have succumbed to kidney disease, leaving their families devastated.

Struggles of the Affected:

Maheshwar, a resident of the village, shared that his grandson Gyan Ranjan, only 8 years old, is now battling kidney disease. Instead of enjoying his childhood, Gyan Ranjan is now confined to a life of struggle and illness due to the contaminated water.

Similarly, individuals like Pramod Pradhan, Kshetravasi Das, Yoginath Das, Ranchubala Das, Kuni Nayak, Balbhadra Swain, Phool Swain, Sharatchandra Swain, Chitaranjan Nayak, and Madhusudan Swain are undergoing treatment for kidney problems.

Water Sources and Desperation:

The village has three government tube wells, but one of them is currently dysfunctional, and the water from the other two is also contaminated with iron-laden fluoride. Wealthier villagers are buying water from the city, but the poor have no choice but to consume this harmful water, leading to dire consequences.

Sacrifices for Treatment:

Kuni Nayak, a resident, shared that both her husband and grandson suffered kidney damage due to drinking this water. They are undergoing treatment at a hospital, but without money, they had to sell their land to afford treatment. Now, they have nothing left, and the water they drink continues to worsen their condition.

Fear and Social Impact:

Sukanti Swain mentioned that the fear of kidney disease has gripped the village. Visitors, even relatives, refuse to drink the water, fearing for their health. The situation has become so dire that families are hesitant to marry their daughters off to this village, fearing the consequences of the contaminated water.

Appeals and Neglect:

The villagers have repeatedly complained to politicians and civil servants about the water issue, but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. They feel neglected and abandoned by the authorities who should be ensuring their well-being.

Conclusion: The plight of the Siddhamula Panchayat in Odisha, battling kidney disease and deaths due to fluoride-contaminated water, reflects a broader issue of neglect and suffering. Families are losing loved ones, children are falling ill, and the village is on the brink of abandonment. Despite appeals for help, the authorities have failed to take effective action, leaving the villagers to endure this crisis alone.

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