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Odisha Schools Empower Communities: Rs 5000 Allocated for PM POSHAN Scheme Wall Paintings

by Nita Mishra

Pradhan Mantri Poshan scheme, the Odisha School and Mass Education department have mandated the display of crucial information on the walls of all primary and upper-primary schools across the state. Each school has been granted Rs 5000 for this purpose.

Initiative Background: Addressing Faded or Omitted Information

The directive comes in response to observations made by senior officers during school visits, revealing that the existing wall paintings related to PM POSHAN were either faded or omitted due to wear and tear and the 5T transformation of high schools. In light of this, the government has sanctioned funds to facilitate the wall painting of essential information concerning PM POSHAN.

Department’s Letter to District Education Officers (DEO)

In a letter addressed to all District Education Officers (DEO), the department emphasized the need for renewed visibility of PM POSHAN details. The allocated funds are intended for painting seven key pieces of information in a conspicuous location on school walls. This initiative aims to foster community participation and transparent program implementation.

Permanently Displayed Instructions: PM POSHAN Information

  1. PM POSHAN Logo
  2. Weekly Menu
  3. Children Entitlement
  4. MDM Pancha Niyam (Mid-Day Meal Guidelines)
  5. Student Helpline Number
  6. Emergency Numbers (Hospital & Ambulance, Fire Station, Police Station)
  7. RWSSA/ PHD Number (Rural Water Supply and Sanitation/ Public Health Department)

Encouraging Community Participation and Transparency

The initiative seeks to ensure that the local community actively engages with and understands the PM POSHAN scheme. By displaying vital information prominently, the program aims for transparent communication, making it easily accessible to the public.

Utilization of Funds: Beyond Information Wall Paintings

If a school already has the prescribed PM POSHAN-related information on its walls, the allocated funds can be utilized for either minor repairs of the kitchen shed or whitewashing of existing kitchen sheds. This flexibility allows schools to address other infrastructural needs while promoting the visibility of important program details.

This strategic initiative aligns with the government’s commitment to ensuring the effective implementation of PM POSHAN and fostering a sense of community involvement in the state’s educational landscape.

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