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Odisha Claims ‘Top Performer’ Title in State Start-up Ranking by DPIIT

by Nita Mishra

Odisha has secured the prestigious title of ‘Top Performer’ in the 4th edition of the State Startup Ranking, conducted by the Union Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT). This accolade solidifies Odisha’s position as a frontrunner in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Leading the Pack: Odisha’s Start-up Success Story

Odisha emerges as the undisputed leader, outshining other states in the State Start-up Ranking conducted by DPIIT. This acknowledgment is a testament to the state’s commitment to nurturing a conducive environment for start-ups to thrive.

DPIIT Recognition: A Boost to Odisha’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Union DPIIT’s recognition of Odisha as a ‘Top Performer’ signifies the state’s commendable efforts in fostering innovation, supporting business development, and creating a robust ecosystem for startups. This acknowledgment is expected to boost investor confidence and attract more entrepreneurs to the state.

Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan: Joining Odisha in the Elite League

While Odisha claims the top spot, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, and other states are not far behind. The collective progress of these states showcases the growing momentum of the startup culture across the country, with each region contributing uniquely to India’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Odisha’s Start-up Ecosystem: A Catalyst for Economic Growth

Odisha’s success in the State Startup Ranking reflects its commitment to leveraging startups as a catalyst for economic growth. By promoting innovation, creating job opportunities, and fostering economic resilience, Odisha is actively contributing to India’s larger narrative of becoming a global startup hub.

Future Outlook: Sustaining the Momentum

As Odisha basks in the glory of being recognized as a ‘Top Performer,’ the state is geared towards sustaining this momentum. With a focus on building a conducive environment, fostering talent, and encouraging collaboration, Odisha aims to continue its ascent as a powerhouse in the Indian start-up ecosystem.

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