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Odisha Hosts International Conclave

by Nita Mishra

A Grand Commencement: Inauguration at Hotel Vivanta, Bhubaneswar

Odisha Hosts International Conclave The Department of Housing & Urban Development (H&UD), Government of Odisha, proudly launched the three-day International Conclave on Urban Transformation at Hotel Vivanta, Bhubaneswar. This monumental event, declared open by Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik via virtual participation, marks a significant step towards fostering global collaboration in urban development.

Global Participation: Over 400 Attendees from 11 Countries

Drawing attention from across the globe, the conclave witnessed the active engagement of more than 400 participants representing 11 countries and 20 states within India. This unprecedented international gathering signifies Odisha’s commitment to becoming a hub for discussions on urban transformation.

Inaugural Address: Odisha’s Vision for Inclusive Cities

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, in his inaugural address, welcomed participants and shed light on Odisha’s transformative journey. Emphasizing community-led urban development under the 5T framework, the Chief Minister highlighted the profound impact on urban life and the empowerment of communities.

Empowering Communities: Odisha’s Unique Initiatives

The Chief Minister articulated Odisha’s commitment to inclusive urban development, citing the success of initiatives like the “Drink from Tap” mission and the transformative Jaga Mission. He invited participants to learn from Odisha’s experiences, create their own stories, and collaborate for a better urban future.

Government Dignitaries Address the Conclave

Key government officials, including Minister Usha Devi and Chief Secretary Pradeep Kumar Jena, spoke at the inaugural session. Minister Usha Devi emphasized Odisha’s achievements in urban development, focusing on priorities such as safe drinking water, sanitation, and livelihood generation.

Sustainable Urban Growth: A Shared Challenge

Chief Secretary Jena acknowledged urban growth as a shared challenge, emphasizing the need for people-centric and community-led development. He highlighted Odisha’s achievements in land rights and the transformative impact of initiatives like the Jaga Mission.

Odisha Urban Academy Inauguration

Minister Usha Devi dedicated the “Odisha Urban Academy” to impart training and capacity building to stakeholders. This center of excellence aims to further enhance the state’s capabilities in urban development.

Policy Launch and Book Release

The conclave saw the launch of the Odisha Inclusive Sanitation Policy-2024 and the release of a Coffee Table Book on Community Partnership in Urban Governance, underlining Odisha’s commitment to progressive policies.

Scheduled Sessions: Water for All, Inclusive Sanitation, and More

During the three-day program, various critical sessions are scheduled, including discussions on “Water for All,” “Inclusive Sanitation and Waste Management,” and “Community-led Urban Transformation: Odisha’s Models for Sustainable Urban Management.” These sessions will feature inputs from key stakeholders and experts.

In this groundbreaking conclave, Odisha aims to set a global benchmark in sustainable urban development, fostering innovation, and collaboration for inclusive growth. As the event unfolds, it promises to be a melting pot of ideas, insights, and solutions for the future of urban living.

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