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Odisha Coastline Fishing Ban: Protecting Fish During Breeding Season

by Nita Mishra

Odisha government has introduced a two-month ban on coastline fishing to safeguard fish during their crucial breeding season. This measure, mandated under Section 4 of the Odisha Marine Fishing Regulation Act, prohibits mechanised vessels from engaging in fishing activities along the Odisha coast from April 14 to June 14. Fishermen and trawl operators have been firmly advised against venturing into the sea for fishing during this period.

Coverage and Exemptions

The ban extends to a 12 nautical mile stretch off the Odisha coast. However, small non-mechanised boats measuring less than 8.5 meters are exempted from this restriction, allowing them to continue their fishing operations.

Wide Enforcement

This 60-day fishing ban is being enforced across the extensive 480 km coastline of Odisha. Jagannath Rao, Additional Director of Fisheries at Kujang, elaborated on the necessity of the ban, stating, “The ban aims to prevent disturbances caused by trawlers during the sensitive breeding season. Fishermen have been instructed to remain onshore during this critical period.” It is emphasized that any violation of the ban will face strict legal consequences, including the confiscation of fishing vessels, as per officials.

Long-term Benefits and Considerations

The annual fishing ban is implemented with the larger interest of the communities dependent on fishing activities in mind. The objective is to ultimately benefit the fishermen by increasing the overall catch. While acknowledging that the ban may pose initial challenges for fishermen and stakeholders, officials highlight its potential for yielding greater benefits in terms of increased catch over time.

Impact on Fishing Communities

The ban will particularly impact those involved in fishing and ancillary activities. This year, sea fishing has faced notable disruptions due to frequent low-pressure systems and cyclonic weather. These natural events have forced fishermen and crews to suspend operations for safety reasons.

This measure, while challenging in the short term, is designed to ensure the sustainability of fish populations and the livelihoods of fishing communities along the Odisha coast.

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