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Meet Voter Dada and Voter Nani: Sambalpur’s Election Mascots

by Nita Mishra

Sambalpur district administration is pulling out all the stops to get everyone involved in the upcoming elections. They’ve introduced two new fun and friendly characters – meet ‘Voter Dada’ and ‘Voter Nani’! These cool mascots are dressed up in the colorful traditional attire of Sambalpur, here to make sure everyone knows how important it is to vote.

‘Voter Dada’ and ‘Voter Nani’ are not just for show; they’re here to teach us all about the election process. They’ll be spreading the word on everything from how to register to where to find your polling station. And they’re not stopping there – they’ll be talking about model polling stations, Sakhi booths run by our amazing female staff, polling stations managed by people with disabilities, and why it’s so crucial to vote ethically.

The main idea behind these mascots is to get everyone, especially new and young voters, excited and informed about voting. They’ll be hitting the streets, especially in the city areas, to let people know when the elections are, where to go to vote, and even how to use cool IT apps that help with voting.

But that’s not all – get ready for some fun! You can snap a selfie with ‘Voter Dada’ and ‘Voter Nani’ at different spots around town. Look out for them at government offices, popular places like Laxmi talkies, the Mission Shakti Cafe at Samlei Mandir, on railway bridges, and in the bustling marketplaces of Sambalpur town, Burla, and Hirakud.

And hey, if you’re more into watching videos, they’ve got you covered there too! There will be some awesome animated videos featuring our mascots, all in the Sambalpuri language. These videos will be all over social media, so everyone can join in and get hyped up about voting!

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