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Odisha 10th Board Exam: Viral Math Paper Scandal

by Nita Mishra

Students in Odisha are currently taking their 10th-grade board exams, with Monday seeing a strict security arrangement for the Mathematics exam. However, reports of the Mathematics question paper going viral on social media have surfaced.

Kendujhar Viral Paper Allegations

Allegations have emerged that the Mathematics question paper in Kendujhar has gone viral. It came to light that soon after the exam started, the question paper and answers began circulating on social media.

However, it is not clear whether this leaked paper is from this year’s exam or an older one. The Board has also not issued any statement regarding this matter.

Paper Leaks Despite Stringent Measures

According to sources, as per the provisions made by the Board of Secondary Education (BSE) Odisha, students entered the exam hall at 7:30 AM. The Board had arranged for the exam to be conducted smoothly on the third day, just like the previous two days.

BSE has initiated the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) operated CCTV cameras at all exam centers and nodal centers to keep a close watch. This step was taken to ensure the unbiased and regulated conduct of this year’s matriculation exams. Despite these measures, news of leaked question papers has emerged, but the Board has not responded to these allegations yet.

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