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Exciting Skill Training and Job Opportunities Unveiled at Nua Odisha Summit

by Nita Mishra

Great news from the recent Nua Odisha global summit! The state government has just signed 13 agreements (MoUs) focusing on boosting skills in areas like artificial intelligence (AI), semiconductors, English, and other foreign languages. This two-day summit, which wrapped up on Tuesday, was packed with promising opportunities for students and job seekers.

The Skill Development and Technical Education (SDTE) department is taking big steps, planning to invest a hefty Rs 385 crore under the Nua Odisha scheme. Their goal? To upgrade training facilities and provide skill training to a whopping 5 lakh students every year for the next three years.

Usha Padhee, the secretary of SDTE, shared the exciting news about the 13 MoUs signed during the summit. These agreements, signed by both the department and the Odisha Skill Development Authority (OSDA) along with the World Skill Centre (WSC), focus on advanced skill training and employment prospects.

Here are some highlights:

  • SDTE is teaming up with the Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer, IIT Delhi, to create a top-notch AI Learning center.
  • OSDA has partnered with Kaynes Semicon Pvt Ltd to train young people in the semiconductor sector.
  • Various MoUs have been signed to enhance English and foreign language skills among youth, boost homestays, and offer specialized job-oriented training for technical students in airport customer service and ground handling programs.

All these exciting agreements were signed in the presence of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik. The government plans to utilize the Rs 385 crore budget between 2024-26 to modernize skill infrastructure, provide training tailored to local needs, especially for marginalized communities and traditional sectors, and create a more industry-friendly environment for training partners. Exciting times ahead for skill development and job opportunities in Odisha!

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