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Odisha Police Infrastructure Boost: 29 New Stations Inaugurated by Naveen Patnaik

by Nita Mishra

Naveen Patnaik took a significant step today by inaugurating 29 new police stations, outposts, and SDPO buildings across Odisha through a virtual platform. This move, aimed at bolstering Odisha Police Infrastructure and embracing technology, marks a milestone in the state’s commitment to professional and citizen-centric law enforcement.

Boosting Police Infrastructure:

In his address, the CM expressed confidence that these new facilities, built at a cost exceeding Rs 53 Crore, will contribute to a safer and more secure Odisha. This inauguration signifies a concrete step towards the state’s vision of a safer environment and positive interactions between the police and the public.

5T Initiatives for Enhanced Safety:

These infrastructure developments fall under the ambit of the 5T initiatives, reflecting the government’s commitment to creating a more secure environment. Chief Minister Patnaik emphasized the focus on gender sensitivity and inclusivity. He highlighted the presence of separate desks for women and children, as well as counselling rooms for victims in each building. The principle of ‘inclusivity’ is embedded in these structures, ensuring accessibility for all with ramps and facilities for persons with disabilities.

Leveraging Technology for Efficient Law Enforcement:

The Chief Minister also lauded the integration of state-of-the-art facilities like the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) and surveillance cameras. These technological advancements are aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement in Odisha.

People-Centric Approach:

Moderating the program, 5T and Nabin Odisha Chairman Kartik Pandian highlighted the police force’s dedication to the ‘Mo Sarkar’ mandate, ensuring a people-friendly approach. The positive feedback received from various regions underscores the commitment of the police administration to work with a more citizen-centric focus.

Present Dignitaries:

The event was graced by the presence of Minister of State for Home Tushar Kanti Behera, Police DG Arun Kumar Sadangi, along with top home department officers and police officials.


With these new police stations and infrastructure, Odisha takes a significant stride towards a more secure, technologically advanced, and people-friendly law enforcement system. The government’s commitment to safety, inclusivity, and efficiency is evident in these developments, ensuring a safer environment for all citizens of Odisha.

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