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Maa Samleshwari Shaktipeeth: A New Chapter Unveiled by Naveen Patnaik

by Nita Mishra

Transformation of the local Maa Samleshwari Shaktipeeth in Puri, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik inaugurated the project on Saturday afternoon.

During the inauguration ceremony, elaborate security arrangements were made, and the media was initially kept outside the Samleei project premises. After the Chief Minister’s return, media access was granted to the project area. Two temporary media camps were set up during this period, displaying live coverage of the inauguration ceremony.

In 2019, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, during his visit to the Maa Samleshwari Temple in Sambalpur, announced a development plan for the temple. The Samleei project, costing more than 250 crores, was initiated to fulfill this commitment.

The project involved clearing several localities, including the ancient Swargadwar, to acquire land. After land acquisition in 2021, the Samleei project, spanning over 38 acres, was officially inaugurated.

Key Figures Present at the Inauguration: The inauguration ceremony saw the presence of Chief Minister Patnaik and five-T Adhyaksh Veek Pandian, Vachaspati Pradeep Amat, Health Minister Niranjan Pujari, Ministers Sharda Nayak, Tukuni Sahu, Rehda Khola MLA Rohit Pujari, Kuchinda MLA Kishor Nayak, Sambalpur District Collector Ananya Das, Police DGP Arun Sardangi, Padma Shri Jitendriya Haripal, Padma Shri Krishna Patel, Padma Shri Chaturbhuj Meher, Padma Shri Haladhar Nag, Padma Shri Mitrabhanu Gontia, and the honored Padma Shri Vinod Prasad Pashayat.

Sanjay Babu, the Chairman of the Shree Samleshwari Trust Board, participated in a ritual along with his wife, marking their involvement in the project.

CM’s Video Message: Before the inauguration ceremony, a video message from Chief Minister Patnaik was released. He highlighted Maa Samleshwari as the revered deity of Odisha, symbolizing people’s faith and devotion. The development of the Shaktipeeth not only enhances tourism but also boosts the economy. Special arrangements for Aarti in the Mahanadi River near the Samleshwari Temple were announced, allowing thousands of devotees to witness the religious ceremony.

The inauguration marks a new chapter in the cultural and spiritual landscape of Odisha, as Maa Samleshwari Shaktipeeth continues to be a center of reverence for devotees across the state.

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