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Puri to Ayodhya: Demand for Direct Train Connection

by Nita Mishra

From Puri’s Jagannath Dham to Ayodhya’s grand temple. With the inauguration of the majestic Puri Jagannath Corridor and the consecration of Lord Shri Ram’s idol in Ayodhya, both sacred places have become centers of faith for millions of Hindus. Recognizing the significance of these religious sites, there is now a call for an express train service connecting the two.

A representative delegation, led by Salyuta Tiranga’s Pradesh Adhyaksha, Shailesh Kumar Verma, met with Rail Minister Ashwini Vaishnav in Cuttack to present this request. Verma expressed that the establishment of Lord Shri Ram Chandra Ji’s idol in the holy Ayodhya Dham is a matter of pride for India and the global human community.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not only fulfilled a 500-year-old spiritual drought but has also facilitated the darshan of Lord Shri Ram Ji for every Indian. In light of this, Salyuta Tiranga has urged Rail Minister Vaishnav to consider the sentiments of Shri Ram devotees and devotees of the Karsevaks.

The delegation highlighted that devotees from Odisha also wish to perform darshan and puja of Lord Shri Ram but face the unfortunate challenge of the lack of a direct train from Puri to Ayodhya Junction.

In association with the Salyuta Tiranga team, the Pradesh Adhyaksha, Shailesh Kumar Verma, along with Lalatendu Badu, BJP Cuttack Nagar Adhyaksha, Kamal Sikariya, Sudhakar Kumar Shahi, Rajnath Chaturvedi, Prakash Agrawal (Chhotu), Manoj Sharma, and Pavan Dhanuka, were present during the meeting.

They earnestly appeal for the consideration of a regular superfast train service from Puri to Ayodhya Junction via Sultanpur in the upcoming February 2024 budget. Such a proposed train would benefit travelers from Odisha, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. The letter of appeal was signed by the Salyuta Tiranga team, emphasizing the cultural and spiritual unity that such a direct train connection would foster among the people of India.

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