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Jagannath Temple Heritage Corridor Inauguration: Odisha Declares Holiday on January 17

by Nita Mishra

Odisha government has declared a public holiday on January 17 in honor of the inauguration of the Jagannath Temple Heritage Corridor project in Puri. This grand event has prompted the closure of all educational institutions and state government offices to allow devotees to participate in the festivities.

Anticipation of a Massive Turnout

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik announced on Sunday that schools, colleges, and government offices will remain closed to accommodate the expected surge of devotees flocking to witness the opening ceremony on January 17. The government is gearing up for a massive turnout, symbolizing the significance of the Jagannath Temple Heritage Corridor project.

Commencement of Rituals in Puri

Rituals for the grand opening of the heritage corridor project have already begun in Puri, starting from Friday. Gajapati Maharaja Dibyasingha Deb, also known as the ‘King of Puri,’ took the lead by inviting priests for the ‘Maha Yajna.’ This sacred event is scheduled to commence with the placement of an ‘Akhand Deepa’ on Monday.

Maha Yajna and Public Dedication

The Maha Yajna, to be conducted by 108 Sotriya Bramhins, will culminate with the offering of Purnahuti by Gajapati Maharaja in the presence of Chief Minister Patnaik on January 17. Following the rituals, Chief Minister Patnaik will personally walk through the corridor and dedicate it to the public. He is also scheduled to address the devotees gathered for this momentous occasion.

Distinguished Guests and Tight Security

The grand opening event has attracted dignitaries, including the Sankaracharayas of all the traditional four mutts and the King of Nepal. The 12th-century shrine and the holy city are expected to witness a substantial influx of devotees, leading to a comprehensive five-tier security blanket during the event. To ensure smooth traffic flow and security arrangements, 66 platoons of the police force will be deployed in the city on the day.

As the excitement builds, all eyes are on Puri, where the Jagannath Temple Heritage Corridor project is set to be unveiled in a spectacular ceremony on January 17.

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