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CM Naveen Patnaik Unveils 286 Transformed High Schools in 5T Initiative

by Nita Mishra

CM Naveen Patnaik dedicated 286 transformed high schools across six districts—Khordha, Subarnapur, Puri, Nayagarh, Boudh, and Nabarangpur—during the fourth phase of the 5T School Transformation program. This announcement was made on the fourth day of the fourth phase of the initiative.

The Chief Minister personally inaugurated 80 high schools in Khordha, 14 schools in Subarnapur, 53 schools in Puri, 75 schools in Nayagarh, 10 schools in Boudh, and 54 schools in Nabarangpur district. Notably, a total of 6,883 schools in the state have already undergone transformation in the first three phases of the 5T High School Transformation Programme. The ongoing fourth phase aims to transform an additional 1,794 schools, bringing the total number of transformed schools in the state to 8,677.

Expressing gratitude, Chief Minister Patnaik acknowledged the collaborative efforts of MLAs, Panchayat representatives, school management committees, teachers, students, and parents in making the program successful.

Patnaik highlighted the ongoing transformation across various sectors in Odisha, emphasizing the positive impact on education, healthcare, tourism, infrastructure, and more. He underlined the pivotal role of school transformation, stating that the future of the nation is built in schools.

Addressing students, the Chief Minister explained the significance of the 5T principles—transparency, teamwork, technology, transformation, and time. He encouraged students to apply these principles in their lives, assuring them that it would lead to success.

As part of the 5T initiative, the transformed schools are equipped with smart classrooms, computers, and modern laboratories, showcasing the application of technology. Patnaik noted the transparent and inclusive approach taken in the transformation process, involving discussions with all stakeholders.

Highlighting the positive changes in government schools, Patnaik mentioned a reserved 15% quota in medical and engineering colleges for students from government schools. He observed increased enthusiasm among children and parents to opt for government schools, reflecting the success of the education initiatives.

VK Pandian, Chairman of 5T and Nabin Odisha, praised the Chief Minister for providing facilities that empower students to pursue their dreams. During the program, students shared their experiences from different places, expressing the impact of the 5T school transformation program on their education and overall development.

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