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CM Naveen Patnaik Inaugurates 16 Dialysis Centers

by Nita Mishra

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik marked a significant step in healthcare on Thursday as he inaugurated 16 dialysis centers in Sub Divisional level hospitals via video conferencing. As part of the 5T initiative, a total of 32 dialysis centers will be established across the state.

During the inauguration, Chief Minister Patnaik emphasized the state’s commitment to providing free healthcare to its citizens. He mentioned that over 4 crore people are already benefiting from free treatment under the Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana and BSKY Nabin Card, alleviating financial concerns during times of illness.

Patnaik acknowledged the high cost of kidney disease treatment and highlighted the importance of these dialysis centers. The new facilities aim to offer free dialysis services in proximity to patients’ homes, making healthcare more accessible.

The Chief Minister revealed that the “Sahay” free dialysis service began in 2018, initially in district headquarters hospitals. Now, under the 5T initiative, the service is expanding to Sub Divisional level hospitals, with an annual expenditure of Rs 50 crore from the state government.

Expressing his dedication to the well-being of all citizens, Patnaik emphasized the transformation of government healthcare centers through the Ama Hospital program. He assured that both rich and poor residents are receiving free medical facilities.

Patnaik expressed confidence that these initiatives would contribute to the goal of a ‘Sustha Odisha Sukhi Odisha’ (Healthy Odisha, Happy Odisha).

Notably, Odisha was the first state to launch the ‘Sahay’ free dialysis service in 2018, with 36 centers in Medical College Hospitals and District Headquarters Hospitals. The ongoing second phase aims to open 32 dialysis centers at the Sub Divisional level, with 16 inaugurated by the Chief Minister on this occasion.

The newly inaugurated dialysis centers are located in Khordha, Pallahara, Talcher, Soro, Kamakshyanagar, Hindol, Dharmagarh, Gunupur, Baliguda, Anandpur, Champua, Bonaigarh, Rairangpur, Udala, Tigiria, and Dungurupalli. This expansion is expected to facilitate 3.70 lakh dialysis sessions per year across 68 centers, with an annual expenditure of Rs 50 crore.

Health and Family Welfare Minister Niranjan Pujari, participating in the event from Dunguripalli, affirmed the Chief Minister’s dedication to the well-being of all citizens, transforming healthcare in the state.

Minister of Agriculture and Farmers’ Empowerment Ranendra Pratap Swain, participating from Tigiria, praised the Chief Minister’s innovative healthcare schemes, setting an example for the country.

Kartik Pandian, Chairman of 5T and Nabin Odisha, emphasized the Chief Minister’s commitment to providing free cancer and kidney disease treatment near patients’ homes, ensuring accessibility for all. The BSKY Nabin Card was highlighted as an initiative to include rural community support staff in the healthcare scheme.

Finally, attendees from various Sub Divisional hospitals expressed gratitude, noting that the new dialysis centers have resolved long-standing issues faced by patients who previously had to travel long distances for treatment. They thanked the Chief Minister and 5T Chairman for the impactful solution to their problems.

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