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India Boosts Ballistic Missile Capabilities with Successful Tests

by Nita Mishra

India is steadily enhancing its missile capabilities, conducting tests of various new missile types. Recently, on Tuesday night around 7:30 PM, a successful launch of a medium-range ballistic missile’s new version took place. This missile met all its standards and was launched under the supervision of the Strategic Forces Command.

Precise Execution at Abdul Kalam Island

The launch, held on Tuesday, was executed flawlessly under the command’s precise control. The missile, meeting all new technological standards, was tested from the coastal launch center at Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha.

India’s Ongoing Missile Advancements

India has been consistently testing a variety of modern missiles, aligning with the demand for new and advanced types. Whether it’s a new type or an upgrade of existing missiles, be it in the ballistic series or the cruise series, India is modernizing its entire missile arsenal.

Future Tests Underway

Sources suggest that India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is set to conduct more tests of advanced ballistic and cruise missiles soon. Notably, India primarily focuses on conducting these tests during the nighttime, following successful morning and afternoon tests.

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